The judicial bonds belong to Bouquet II classification Bonding in Mexico. Its main function is to guarantee compliance with the obligations or responsibilities that result from a judicial process, which may be criminal or non-criminal.

The “Criminal” Judicial Bonds are used to guarantee the freedom of the people who are subject to a criminal process, avoiding that the defendant in question, evades the action of the justice when being put in conditional freedom. On the other hand, Judicial Bonds “Non-criminal”, are used to ensure that the obligations resulting from a civil controversy, where there have been damages to the nation or issues of Amparo and labor lawsuit are met.

There are many benefits of hiring a Judicial Bond, which varies according to the type of process in which the Fiado is located. In Kari, we focus on “Non-Criminal” Judicial Bonds, which, in turn, specialize in the following types of judicial processes.

Details About Bail Bonds

Types of judicial processes:

Types of judicial processes:

Labor Trial: It guarantees that the bond will comply with the obligations derived from the judgment in a labor lawsuit.

Alimony: This type of guarantee guarantees the payment of the pension by one of the spouses and in favor of the minors.

Repair of damages: Its objective is to guarantee the possible payment of the damages that the accused has caused to the victim for the crimes that are imputed and that are accredited and quantified in the criminal process.

Amparo laboral: Guarantees the payment of damages and losses caused to the injured third party, due to the request made by the latter to suspend the enforcement of the act claimed in civil, commercial or administrative matters, provided that the judicial authority grants said suspension.

If you are involved in a judicial process and you need to guarantee the fulfillment of certain obligations by means of a Judicial Bond, we can support you to process it, know the requirements for the process of Bail Bonds at Bond Cliff home page!