The murder of Freddie Gray

The murder of Freddie Gray

(AGI) – Baltimore, 2 May – The six Baltimora agents, three whites and three blacks, who were arrested and charged with the death of Freddie Gray, the African American who died of injuries sustained after his arrest, were all released on bail. According to reports from the local newspaper ‘BaltimoreSun’ 4 agents, who will be tried for the most serious accusations, including manslaughter with the aggravating circumstance of total indifference to the victim’s life (Caesar Goodson jr, William Porter, Brian Rice and Alicia White ), they paid $ 350,000 while the other 2 (Edward Nero and GarretMiller) who are responsible for minor charges, have deposited 250,000. In the 4 most serious cases, culpable homicide, the maximum penalty is 30 years, in the mildest one, violation of the law,

The six remain free, but suspended from the service, in expectation that a grand jury (usually formed by citizens) is called to decide whether the six agents will have to be prosecuted. In previous cases where police officers were indicted for killing unarmed blacks, above all the Ferguson case in Missouri (the first of the series, August 9, 2014) the grand jury decided not to try the policemen. Lanotizia has triggered new protests in Baltimore where some thousands of citizens, initially taking to the streets to claim the indictment of the six, have been arrested for not having cleared the streets when the fire came into effect from 10 pm local time.

Among the African Americans charged with the highest rank, is Lieutenant Brian Rice, 41. The others are the driver of the police crowd in which Gray suffered fatal injuries, Caesar Gordon jr, 45, and Sergeant Alicia White, 30.

The other three are white: William Porter, 25, EdwardNero, 39, and Garrett Miller, 26. The Maryland state prosecutor accused the 6 different crimes, including second-degree murder and homicide. “The results of our inquiry, carried out in a complete and independent fashion – explained the prosecutor Marilyn Mosby during a press conference – led us to formulate these accusations”. Gray died within a week of arrest for 19 injuries to the spine. The most serious accusation, that of homicide grade murder, is charged to the agent Caesar Goodson (one of three African-American agents) the driver of the van in which Gray was loaded opo the arrest. Goodson will have to answer for abuse and negligent conduct. Three other policemen are accused of culpable homicide (including Alicia White and her loyal Brian Rice) and two of abuse and negligent conduct. Gray, the prosecutor Mosby said, “was arrested illegally” because “he had committed no crime”.

The investigation, the prosecutor added, inviting protesters who have been demanding justice for the young for weeks, is still in progress. (AGI).